The BenefitWallet™ 2013 Member Survey Report marks our third biennial survey report on
Health Savings Account (HSA) members. In 2008, we realized there had been very little data
published to profile demographics, behaviors, and opinions of individuals who own HSAs. We
sought to fill the gap by sponsoring our first survey of HSA members published in 2009, with a
subsequent publication in 2011. The 2013 survey continues our tradition of a biennial publication
with updated sections to reflect contemporary issues.

Members expressed their opinions on a number of topics and behaviors, including, but not limited
to, how they set aside money for health care costs, how they monitor and evaluate health care
costs, how they predict and plan for costs throughout the year, and how they discuss costs with
their providers.

Here are some overall highlights of what the respondents had to say:  

  • 54% strongly agree/agree their health plan is affordable
  • 81% consider the ability to save money tax-free an extremely important/very important factor
    that impacted their decision to select an HSA
  • 81% strongly agree/agree having an HSA is valuable to them

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